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Community Rules

Unread post by admin » July 13th, 2011, 12:43 pm

About names, avatars and signatures of the users

● No racist, nationalistic and Nazi names.
For example : names like Hitler, Himmler, Mussolini are not acceptable.
You will be warned to change them, if not : ban.

● No racist, nationalistic and Nazi signatures.
Or links guiding to any of the above.
It is strictly forbidden, 1st warning, if not changed...ban.

● No racist, nationalistic and Nazi avatars and pictures.
First warning to change them, if you wont = ban.[/list]

About forum behaviour

● No insulting other users or being offensive to them in any possible meaning.
Not with words, pictures, or videos.

● No racist, nationalistic and Nazi language.
Immediate ban if found out.

● No multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count ( spamming ).
Post reasonably and actually type something, not just : "lol" or "hehe" or emoticon.
No spamming over PM also.

● No double posting in range between 18 hours.
If you post again in this time, your action will count as double posting, if you post after 18 hours, it wont.

● No leet speak.
If the admins see anyone answering & posting like : "i amz newz to dis f0rumz kanz s0me1 helpz"...Ban.

● When making a topic, make understandable title.
Titles like : "???" and "help!!!" doesnt really make sense and people will even refuse to participate in that kind of topics.

● No off-topic please.
If possible stick to the themes, if you want to tell something that is not related to the current topic, simply create another.
Forums are meant to have topics, so dont economize with room.

● Don't over use the CapsLock button.
Write with small letters, sentences written with big letters means screaming/shouting.

● No AlTeRnAtE cAps.

● Don't post stealer links.
IP stealers are a dangerous thing.

● Please, use search button for the sake of humanity ... and this community's.
It is really annoying answering 3x to the same question, made by 3 different people, just because they didn’t use search.

● Please post your comment/question to the most appropriate place.
Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved.
Do not cross-post the same question to multiple places.

Other rules

● Write in English only.
If you don’t speak English locate a special place for other languages.
Don’t worry, its on visible place.

● Do not advertise anything.
If you want to advertise, put it in your signature and don’t bother other people with it.
No advertising over PM also.
If you are running a similar website send a PM to me ONLY and maybe we can work things out about cooperation.

● No porn.
No promoting, searching, showing, asking for... any kind of porn.
Ban immediately.

● No pyramid schemes, frauds.
Ban immediately.

● Work of administrators and moderators and your agreeing or disagreeing with their work are not publicly discussed on forums.
Resolve your problems with them over PM or send a PM directly to me, admin.

● You are allowed to have only 1 account.

Our power holds the right to delete topics/posts that we find inappropriate and in violating the rules of our forum.

Use of and all what it has to offer its not right, but its a privilege and opportunity that gives you.
By registering you engage that you will follow the rules and terms of use of this forum. is not, by any possible meaning responsible for any system failures & crashes & bsods & malfunctions you may encounter with visiting/using this website.
Nor by links, tutorials, guides, pictures, videos... etc

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